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New Zealand vegan products.

The list of New Zealand vegan products is growing and below you’ll find links to stores and resources directing you to hundreds of great products from food to cruelty free cosmetics, books, wines and more.


To get an idea of a basic list of things you will need and can buy from most supermarkets, check out our shopping list. 

There are also speciality vegan stores such as:

The Cruelty Free Shop

Vegan shop in Auckland, but orders online are available.

V1 Vegan Store

Wellington vegan store

A Guide to Vegan (Facebook page)

A New Zealand based resource for vegans. It contains recipe ideas, vegan product information for items you can buy in the supermarket, and tips for where to eat out. Browse the photo albums for ideas.

E Number List

Download our E number card here to find E numbers that are not vegan.

Big Book of Vegan Products

Our Big Book of Vegan Products details everyday supermarket items. This list has been recently updated, April 2021. If you see any additions or corrections, please let us know.


Vegan beer list

Soon to be available to view and search on this site, but for now please download our vegan beer list. If you know of any vegan beers not in this list, or would like to help us maintain this list then please do get in touch with us.

Soon to be available to view and search on this site, but for now please download our vegan wine & spirits list. If you know of any vegan wines/spirits not in this list or would like to help us maintain this list then please to get in touch with us.

Cosmetics & household products

Beautifully Kind

Beautifully Kind are a New Zealand company dedicated to bringing you the highest quality 100% cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics, hair and skincare products. Order online.


With stores in many locations throughout New Zealand, Lush is a great place to get your bubble bath, moisturisers, perfumes, makeup etc. Not all vegan but clearly labelled where it is.


Check out SAFEshopper for more details on vegan cosmetics. The site lists cosmetics and household products that have not been tested on animals. Look out for the green V symbol which marks brands where the range is entirely vegan and so contains no animal ingredients, or SV symbol meaning some products within the range are vegan. Also available as a phone app.


In NZ most shoe shops have non leather shoes which will be marked as non leather or with the non leather symbol (a diamond). The glue however may not be vegan. For strictly vegan shoes, and often ethically made in terms of materials and labour too (but check the websites!), then there are plenty of online stores to check out and Google will give you lots of results too. Should you travel overseas then its definitely worth finding out where the vegan shoe shops are and paying a visit! There are some good stores in Australia. In the meantime here are some links to get you started.

Piccadilly Footwear – located in Auckland.

Vegan Style – located in Melbourne, Australia

Vegan Wares – located in Melbourne, Australia.

Vegetarian Shoes – located in Brighton, UK.

Wills Vegan Shoes – located in London, UK.

Vegan Chic – located is Los Angeles

Nice Shoes – located in Vancouver Canada, well worth a visit if you go!

Planet Shoes – located in America

Moo Shoes – located in America


Here are some links for NZ suppliers of vegan pet food. For information on vegan pets see Resources – Pets.

Vegan Pet Food Co

Vegan Pet Food Co proudly source cruelty-free pet food for vegan pet owners.

All Natural Pet Care

100% cruelty-free pet care products and petfood, NZ distributor of Ami Pet Food – the Natural Choice, Benevo range, Harbingers of A New Age vegecat & vegedog supplements, natural eco-friendly pet products and care. 100% cruelty free brought to you with respect to all living things.

Addiction Zen

Addiction ‘Zen’ vegan dog food can be purchased from a few places in NZ, including:
Cruelty Free Shop
NZ Natural Pet Food

Simple Little Vegan Dog Book

A good recipe book for vegan dogs is the Simple Little Vegan Dog Book