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How Vutterly Boring, a Little Island in Raglan

This is the third of the annual Dairy Free Awards, which highlight and showcase the best of New Zealand’s available plant-based dairy alternatives. The Awards cover four categories of products, ice cream, milk, yoghurt and butter, all fully plant-based, high quality, delicious and nutritious. No one needs to go without their favourite foods any more, as the plant-based market keeps on developing new and better products and growing exponentially.

The Spin Off Ranks Veggie Sausages

The range of meat-free snags available in Aotearoa is ever increasing, but which should grace your next barbie? We put 22 of them to the test to find out.

Kai Pai Wins 2 Awards

Innovative Wānaka piemakers Kai Pai Bakery have won two coveted awards from the 2021 NZ Vegan Pie Awards in Auckland.

Kai Pai Bakery took home the awards for best Vegetable Pie and the Commercial Award for their Vegan Roast Vegetable and Cashew Curry pie. More than 70 vegan pies from around New Zealand were judged as part of the awards, held by The Vegan Society.

Logan McLean wins Cafe Boutique

Whangārei cafe Logan MacLean has seen one of its vegan pies win a category in the Vegan Pie Award. The Waipū cafe entered pies in five of eight categories in this year’s Vegan Pie Award. In 2019 its Cock-a-Leekie pie came second runner-up in the Vegan Chicken category. After the pies were judged on Friday, Logan MacLean won the Café boutique – any sort of pastry, shape, open or closed category for its Korean BBQ pie.
The judges said of the Korean BBQ pie: “flavour and texture beautiful”.

Vegan Pies are a Winner

The AM Show were lucky enough to receive some of the award winning pies. However without Duncan Garner to eat them, the hosts were too busy ridiculing vegans to bother trying any of them 🙁

Dealing in Cheese

The video talks about Grater Goods and our inaugural Vegan Cheese Awards

Christmas Feasts Without the Beasts

Radio New Zealand interviews National Coordinator Amanda Sorrenson about her Xmas dinner

Eliminate Animal Agriculture by 2050

The Vegan Society has called for a reduction in livestock by 20% by 2025 and continued phased reduction until there is no animal agriculture by 2050. Supporting farmers to diversify and transition towards plant-based agriculture, including rewilding of “unproductive” land with native bush. The funds to pay for all this could be taken from revenue currently not collected from multinational corporations operating in this country.

Inghams drops dairy from 'plant-based' nuggets after criticism

Food giant Inghams has bowed to public pressure and will remove dairy products from a product it labelled as plant-based. Let’s Eat, which is owned and operated by Inghams Group New Zealand, sells a variety of vegetarian and vegan meat substitutes and one is called Golden Nuggets. The company has been criticised because the nuggets are promoted as plant-based, but contain milk.

AM Show Challenges Jacinda to go Vegan for World Vegan Day

The AM Show’s presenter Ryan asks Jacinda Ardern if she will take up our challenge to go vegan (he  made it easier and said just for the day, although we’d asked her to try the 21 Day Easy Vegan Challenge). Unfortunately she said it was already too late as she had very milky tea beside her!
BTW Jacinda, it’s never too late!

We challenged the PM to go Vegan

Midday News on TVNZ; watch our challenge to the Prime Minister at 10:21

The Prime Minister was challenged to go vegan by the Vegan Society ahead of the COP talks.

Vegan treats ranked in order

I consulted Vegan Society of New Zealand’s Claire Insley before undertaking this challenge to see what treats I could find, and she informed me RJ liquorice is now vegan friendly, as it is made without palm oil – although palm oil doesn’t include animal products, most vegans avoid it because palm oil production destroys rainforests and threatens some species of animal with extinction.

Vegan Kitkat has arrived in NZ

A new vegan chocolate bar has arrived , but larger confectionery companies still aren’t offering a lot of options, a Vegan Society spokeswoman says. KitKat V has been released in New Zealand, but the vegan chocolate bar is only in stores nationwide for a limited time. This was because the bar, which is made with rice milk, had to be produced on a special factory line, a Nestle spokeswoman said, but the company was always open to extending limited releases based on interest .

Cruel eggs are no fun for chickens

World Egg Day is traditionally celebrated on the 2nd Friday of October, but now World Egg Free Day aims to eclipse and trump the outdated International Egg Commission’s awareness day – reminding people of the cruelty of eggs and offering alternatives. Kiwi actors and vegan power couple, Emmett Skilton and Holly Shervey, have teamed up with the Vegan Society to speak out in support of chickens.

The Holy Grail of Vegan Cheese

Vegan cheese might sound like a contradiction in terms. Cheese is made from milk, which comes from cows or maybe goats…right? While that is still largely the case, more of us are buying plant-based cheese and more New Zealand businesses are producing it. 

Celebrating Plant Milks This month

The Vegan Society Aotearoa is always keen to showcase excellence in 100% plant-based and vegan products. Each month we have a theme to focus on and August is Plant Milk Month as it’s International Plant Milk Day on 22nd August – but there are simply too many dairy-free alternatives to look at in just one day!

RNZ Checkpoint at the Vegan Cheese Awards

Whether it is melted in a toastie, on top of your favourite pizza or piled onto a humble cracker – Kiwis love cheese. But what about a dairy free version? Over the last few years demand for vegan options has skyrocketed. Now, the first vegan cheese competition has been held in Auckland – and it looked like your average cheese and cracker situation, but different.

Vegan Cheese Awards on Newstalk

What does it take for a vegan cheese to please the public and emerge as a supreme cheese? New Zealand’s first-ever vegan cheese awards begin in Auckland today. Over 30 entries from makers across the country will be assessed by a panel of judges across several different categories.

“Some cheeses do try to emulate your traditional dairy cheese, like the cheddars for instance might try and be really melty for your pizza or toasted sandwich,” Vegan Society spokesperson Claire Insley told Mike Yardley.

Best Breakfast Banger Winner


The Vegan Sausage Awards, which take place annually at the end of June, are hosted by vegan restaurant The Butcher’s Son, and aim to celebrate Kiwis’ growing love of and preference for healthier plant-based foods.

The NZ Vegan Sausage Awards


Sausages are part of Kiwi culture, as we cook outdoors on the BBQ during summer. But with more people going vegan to improve their health and reduce their carbon footprint, Vegan Sausage options have stepped up to the plate.

Napier piemaker wins Vegan Sausage Roll Award


There’s more than meets the eye to Goodtime’s winning sausage rolls – they’re vegan.  The Napier piemakers Café Vegan Sausage Roll took out the top award at the Vegan Sausage Awards, organised by the New Zealand Vegan Society.

Survey says meat is associated with "manliness"

10th May 2021


The results from the latest survey of Kiwi men show that they are more concerned with appearing macho, than the health of themselves or the planet! It seems New Zealand men would rather die younger and take the planet with them, than stop eating meat.

The Dangers of a Vegan Diet for Children

8th June 2021


To discuss this, Claire Insley media spokesperson for the Vegan Society New Zealand joined Kerre McIvor.

"Vegan" Washing

30th March 2021


A company that advertises as “100 per cent Kiwi-based, eco-friendly and vegan” has gone quiet after Fair Go challenged all those claims.

Vegetarian Sausages Reviewed and Ranked

19th March 2021


The range of meat-free snags available in Aotearoa is ever increasing, but which should grace your next barbie? We put 22 of them to the test to find out.

Winners Announced In The 2021 New Zealand Dairy Free Awards

09 February 2021


The second of the annual Dairy Free Awards, which highlight and showcase the best of New Zealand’s available plant-based dairy alternatives.


Winners of Dairy Free Awards Announced

10 February 2021


Duck Island, Otis Oat and Whittaker’s have been some of the local brands to come out on top at the second New Zealand Dairy Free Awards.

Vegan Society of NZ Presents the 2021 Dairy Free Awards

17 January 2021


The Vegan Society’s expert panel has selected the best of the best and is currently choosing winners to be announced at the end of February.

2021 Dairy-Free Awards

18 January 2021



'Veganuary' organisers expect biggest year ever in 2021

02 January 2021


Organisers of ‘Veganuary’ predict 2021 will be their biggest year yet, with an increase in people trying out plant-based foods during lockdown.

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NZVS Partners with Pathfinder – The Ethical KiwiSaver Providers

How much do you really know about the investments made on your behalf by your KiwiSaver scheme? And would you be shocked and dismayed to know that your hard-earned savings are actually invested into the very things you vehemently oppose as a vegan? What is Pathfinder...

Earth Overshoot Day – We Cannot Continue to Borrow from the Future

29th July 2021 It's Earth Overshoot Day again. Two years ago it was 26th July, last year, mostly due to Covid, Earth Overshoot Day was 22nd August, so globally the situation has slightly improved. The first Earth Overshoot Day was 30th December 1970 and they have been...

Incentivise NZ farmers to diversify for a sustainable future

Incentivise NZ farmers to diversify for longevity Imagine a future where the rivers run clean, the land is full of native bush, there is an abundance of permaculture horticultural endeavours and Aotearoa's greenhouse gas emissions are the lowest per capita. All our...

The Green Protein Report

A Greener and Safer Future for New Zealand 09 April 2021 The long awaited Green Protein Report is now out! Written by co-authors Jasmijn De Boo, ex CEO of SAFE and Dr Andrew Knight, a vet and Professor of Animal Welfare and...

Vegan Children Have Better Cardiometabolic Health

10th June 2021 Vegan Children Have Better Cardiometabolic Health A recent study looking at a small sample of children came out with findings that the media interpreted as “The Dangers of a Vegan Diet for Kids”, yet this sensationalised headline could not be further...

Why does meat still maketh the man?

WHY DOES MEAT STILL MAKETH THE MAN? More than half of New Zealanders still associate eating meat with ‘manliness’ 69% of New Zealand men surveyed would rather die younger than give up meat Meat-eating and masculinity remain inextricably linked in the New Zealanders...

Why do we need to export dairy?

Why do we need to export dairy? 6th April 2021 It is well documented that the bulk of our emissions come from the agricultural sector, with our ruminant herds making up the majority of the methane. With Fonterra producing a whopping 20% of the total climate emissions,...

It’s Official – We Have Too Many Cows

Date: 03 February 2021 Author: The Vegan Society Aotearoa The draft report from the Climate Change Commission states that we are not on target to meeting our global agreements for reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. It suggests actions that need to take place to...

Plant Based Predictions for 2021

Date: 07 Jan 2021Author: The Vegan Society Aotearoa Media Release from The Vegan Society Aotearoa New Zealand With over 440,000 people worldwide signing up to Veganuary, it's clear that the plant-based movement is continuing to skyrocket. Kiwis are as keen as ever to...

We Need Climate Action

Date: 02 Dec 2020Author: The Vegan Society Aotearoa The world is rapidly running out of time to act on climate change and yet still our leaders dally. New Zealand is failing to meet it's Paris Agreement and rapidly falling off the list of countries taking effective...