Dame Patsy Reddy is the Governor-General for New Zealand. She is now also the country’s most high-profile vegan, an advocate for sustainability, a film buff who has ­championed some of our most ­successful movies during her tenure as Film ­Commission chairwoman, a self-confessed shoe addict and a supporter of New ­Zealand fashion. As she got older, she became interested in the debates about the impact of eating animal products on one’s health. Then a couple of years ago, good friends of hers, who are vegan, gave her and her husband David, a DVD called Forks Over Knives. She suggested to David they try eating vegan. The idea of giving up dairy, such as cheese and ice-cream, was particularly hard. But she had chronic laryngitis and sinusitis and a couple of doctors ­mentioned it might be affected by dairy. They said they would do it for a month, and found they really enjoyed the food. David lost an enormous amount of weight and her sinusitis has cleared.